Sunday, July 21, 2019 13:48

The Trials and Tribulations of Being British

So much is happening in Europe right now, and almost all of it is centred on the UK. According to my passport I hold British nationality but in my heart I am and always will be English. You need a little knowledge of what it’s like to be British, or in my case, English.

Being English is something no one can aspire to unless they were born in England. That is why my English identity is so important to me: it sets me asideĀ  from all other peoples in the world.

My government is happy to throw the gates of my country open to all and sundry and in some cases to offer that treasured British citizenship to people who are not deserving of it. In my opinion the first people who should be entitled to come here and work are the people of Europe (for we British are, geographically, European. Many of my own countrymen would argue that we are no more European than we are almost anything else in the world. Plainly, that stance is nothing short of ridiculous: there are just six continents on this earth; Australasia, America, Asia, Africa, Antarctica and Europe. It must be as plain as the nose on your face that we (the UK) cannot be part of the first five, so we must be European.

And here is the problem for me when it comes to Brexit. I want to be part of Europe, even of the EU, but I cannot accept from the mandarins of Brussels that have any say whatsoever in who should be allowed to come and live and work in my country.

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