Freedom of expression.

Funny business this subject of Free Speech. Has it occurred to anyone else that freedoms both of speech and action are applied more readily to some than others? Those of us – and I include myself here – who have issues with our very modern and ever changing society are feeling increasingly unable to offer our contrary opinion because such comment is so speedily viewed as bigotry.

I was brought up in a very normal (for the time) home and was expected to embrace God-fearing, Christian values.

I did, after all, live in a Christian democracy, I attended Sunday School at our local church, I learnt to respect law and order, and adults were my ‘Betters’.

And if I transgressed in any way I could expect, even fear, the consequences.

I believe that now, the word ‘Normal’ is no longer to be used in the working environment and the likes of judges and magistrates are forbidden to embrace such a traditional concept.

I retain my own views about the meaning of the word ‘Normal’. I may no longer feel free to express my conception of normality, but I take real comfort in the maxim:

Society can wrap man’s words in the course cloth of censorship, yet his thoughts will remain forever free on wings of the finest silk. 


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