Who said No Deal?

Why all this furore over a ‘No Deal’ Brexit? The referendum showed that the majority of those who voted did so in favour of the UK leaving the EU.

The wording of the referendum came close to being flawed in as much as it failed to mention what the consequences of ‘leave’ might be on the UK. Was that a deliberate omission?

I would argue that it is the voter who must bear the greatest responsibility for the mess we now find ourselves in. None of us should have taken part in choosing between two options when the result of one of those options was likely to be nothing more than a shot in the dark. But ‘should have’ doesn’t come into it. The fact is we did take part, and we did vote leave. And all that without having the least idea of what that might mean for the future of our nation.

If the referendum was flawed, it was never the less a legal process. And that should suffice for the vote to stand. For this reason I believe that members of parliament who are currently pressing for a guarantee of NOT leaving without a deal are seeking to undermine the very democracy they claim to be supporting. I would urge them to look again at the result: we voted leave.

If anything, the flawed wording offered in that first referendum should suggest that a second one is the right and correct way forward. Like it or not the fact is, in our ignorance, we voted to leave without a deal.

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