Monday, July 22, 2019 10:48



The loveliness of the day spread itself before our eyes.
A warm sun spread balmy flurries across the land,
the breeze brushing the tops of wild flowers at our feet.
Warblers sang inside trees laden with the golden leaves of autumn,
their song filling the air with a joyous sound.
You reached out for my hand and took me, caressed me.
We exchanged a kiss at once filled with the bliss of love and mourning of goodbye.
Then slowly you turned and walked away.

Of a sudden the day uncovered an ugliness; warmth turned to bitterness.
The breeze became a tepid gust of sorrow; birdsong the mantra of grief.
Clouds fell across my face, their rain the tear in my eye.
I dried my eyes with hands that had shared your tender touch,
and held my arms out for you.
I thought I saw you pause at the sound of your name.
Again I called,
but you were gone. Beyond my reach.

They seemed like hours, the minutes I stood watching you leaving my life.
Each tree you walked beneath seemed to entreat your return,
each flower turning to implore.
A twist in the lane took you from my sight; a turn and you were there.
I thought you would look back,
that your own tears might signal regret.
The lane ended and you turned to a new direction in your life,
a life that was yours to fill.
I waited while the wind chilled me to my very soul.
Then turned to face the way I had come.


Copyright © J E Emberson 2008