Monday, July 22, 2019 09:29



You are to me the rising sun, the setting of the moon,
you are the light, the darkness, too, in each and every room.

The springtime flowers reflect your smile, and summer sun above.
The autumn leaves your changing face, a winter fire, your love.

Will you stay forever, dear, for more than just one year?
Be with me, love, until the end to comfort and to cheer?

For life without you close to me would be an empty space,
without your arms around me, a barren, frosty place.

I cannot let my mind foretell that one day you’ll be gone,
I tell myself that without you the sun had never shone.

Stay love, stay now and evermore: tell death to seek away.
Let you and me, together be, forever and a day.


Copyright © J E Emberson 2007