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Homer And The Ducks

‘I’ll take Homer for a walk,’ cried Sam.

‘That’s a nice idea,’ agreed his mother. ‘But do be careful of the ice,’ she added, ‘it’s very cold outside – you must put on your big coat and hat.’

‘And my scarf too,’ said Sam.

Homer had heard everyone talking about going for a walk and was waiting eagerly by the front door, his tail banging loudly against the wall.

‘Don’t be too long,’ said mother. ‘Dinner will be ready soon.’

‘We won’t be long mummy,’ said Sam turning to pat Homer on the head.

Homer hadn’t been out all day and was ready for a trip in the field. He knew his young master would run as soon as they got out of the house, which meant that he would be able to run too.

Sam slammed the front door closed with a loud crash and off they went up the slippery, slidy garden path towards the gate that led to the field.

Once they were through the gate they both started to run and in his excitement Sam forgot all about the warning his mother had given him about the ice. They ran on and on, Homer always out in front and wanting to go faster and faster.

But Sam’s little legs wouldn’t carry him any faster so Homer got further and further ahead until he reached a gap in the hedge. As the dog’s tail disappeared through the gap Sam slipped on a frozen puddle and fell over.

Though Sam’s knees hurt a lot he knew he must go after his dog. He guessed that Homer would follow the lane towards the pond up by the farmer’s big barn, so he ran as quickly as he could over the icy patches, hoping he wouldn’t fall over again. As he rounded the final bend in the lane he saw Homer taking his first steps on to the frozen surface of the pond.

Homer thought that if the ducks could walk on the pond then so could he.

Sam called out a warning but Homer took no notice, and as he got close to the pond’s edge he could hear the ice starting to creak under the weight of his pet.

Homer was a lot heavier than the ducks.

Homer had never seen ducks on the ice before and he wanted to know if they would like to play.

The ducks had never seen a dog on the ice before – and they didn’t want to play, so they flew up into the air and over the barn and into the farmyard.

Homer’s paws skidded on the ice as he tried to follow the ducks, but he could no longer see them and gave up the chase. He ran back to Sam wagging his long shaggy tail in excitement.

Sam was so happy to see his pet get safely off the pond that he forgot all about his hurt knees. Instead, he bent down and gave Homer a big hug.

‘Let’s go home to dinner,’ said Sam. ‘We’ve got to tell mummy all about our adventure.’


Copyright © J E Emberson 2005