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Snowy And The Food Bowl

 Snowy the white rabbit was Stuart’s favourite pet. Mummy and Daddy had bought her for Stuart as a birthday present, and when Stuart first saw her he thought she was very small.

‘I do hope she grows up into a big rabbit,’ Stuart said.

The man in the shop told Stuart that if Snowy was looked after and given good food and lots of love she would be very happy and contented.

Daddy made a very nice hutch for Snowy and on the front he put a sign saying ‘SNOWY’.

Snowy the rabbit soon found her way around her new home and spent as much time eating Mummy’s flowers as she did her own food.

One day their neighbour’s fence blew down in a storm and because of the danger of Snowy escaping Stuart was not able to let her out of the hutch to play in the garden. Snowy didn’t seem to mind too much because she was being given good food and lots of love. Just like the shop owner had suggested.

One morning, while Stuart was sitting at the breakfast table with his Mummy and Daddy, he heard a loud clanging noise. He got up from the table and looked out the window.

‘Mummy,’ he cried, it’s Snowy and she’s throwing her food bowl around the hutch.

Everyone went outside to see what was going on and discovered that there was food everywhere. Some had fallen through the wire on the front of the hutch and was lying on the grass and some was lost beneath the thick hay that Stuart had used to make his pet’s home nice and cosy.

Stuart opened the front of the hutch and scooped Snowy up in his arms. ‘Why are you throwing your food around?’ he asked her, smoothing her ears down with his hand. Of course, Snowy couldn’t answer, but she was overjoyed at seeing Stuart and lay happily in his arms while he stroked her.

The following weekend Stuart again went shopping with his Mummy and Daddy, and as they passed the pet shop Stuart begged his Mummy to go in and ask if there was something wrong with his favourite pet.

The shop owner listened to the story about the about the food bowl and the storm that broke the fence. He explained that sometimes rabbits throw their food bowls about because they are bored. He said they could help Snowy by giving her lots of love and attention until the fence was mended and she could go out in the garden again.

By the following Monday Snowy had been cuddled and stroked so much that she no longer threw her food bowl around her hutch.

‘The man in the shop was right,’ Stuart laughed, looking at the newly mended fence. ‘We just weren’t giving you enough love, were we?’

Copyright © J E Emberson 2005